Canvas Prints

Print high quality photos and artwork on framed canvas for a high-end look. Our experienced team will ensure your prints are produced professionally for the best results!

Canvas printing on demand

Canvas Prints On Demand

Feature Canvas Prints in your next wall art project at home or in the office. Highlight a gallery wall or create a unique gift for a friend. TPH can help you create a beautiful canvas print for any occasion.

  • High quality photo or print display
  • Wall art – feature one canvas or a set of canvas prints
  • Printed in Canada

Common Uses

Home or office

Hotel and restaurants

Retail and commercial space

Custom printed wallcoverings are an easy way to transform any environment. Complement your interior design with a photo, pattern, or your company logo! Our team can recommend the perfect solution for your needs, whether it’s short term or long term.

Canvas Print Types

Embrace your inner art gallery curator and order your canvas print today! Be as creative as you like. Whether you’re looking for a single canvas or a multi panel set that works together, our experts will help you explore the different display options available.

Single panel canvas printing at TPH The Printing House

Single Panel

Give your space personality. Feature a stunning photo, your company logo, or your favourite print. Choose landscape or portrait orientation.

Multi panel canvas prints at TPH The Printing House

Multi Panel

Embrace the trend. Print a single image on a set of beautiful stretched and framed canvas.

Framed canvas printing at TPH The Printing House

Framed Canvas

Framed canvas is stretched over a wooden frame, with a standard depth of ¾”. For gallery customers, 1 ¾” depths are available. Sizes start as small at 8"x8" and are available to a maximum size of 48" x 72". Length and width should always be an even number.

Rolled canvas printing at TPH The Printing House

Rolled Canvas

Order your canvas print unframed for your next project. Stretch it yourself, or choose a unique way to display your canvas artwork. The maximum width for a canvas roll is 48” without bleed.

Printed Edges

Straight wrap canvas printing at TPH The Printing House

Mirror Wrap

Our most popular edge style. A reflection effect is added to the side of the canvas frame. This means you lose nothing from your original photo.

Straight wrap canvas printing at TPH The Printing House

Straight Wrap

¾” on your photo is “cropped” for placement on the side of the canvas frame. Note: this means a portion of your submitted photo file will be cropped.

Colour Edge canvas printing at TPH The Printing House

Colour Edge

Select a colour to flood the edges of the canvas frame. Accent or complement your photo or artwork with this effect.

How to Hang Your Canvas

The print looks like perfection- now it’s time to get it on a wall! Ask us about display hardware. Options include:

  • standard claw tooth hanging
  • security hardware
  • re-enforced backing

Tips for installing: Use the same method used to hang any other wall art.

  • For the best result, use a pencil to mark the correct height.
  • Attach hanging wire or claw tooth brackets to the back of your canvas print.
  • You will require a drywall anchor and screw, or a nail in the wall.
  • Finally, use a level to make sure your canvas print looks picture perfect in its new home.

File submission tips

Please submit a high resolution photo, at least 300 DPI at 100% size. File types we accept for canvas prints include: PDF, EPS, TIFF, high-quality JPEG.

Editing the photo yourself? Please add an extra 2” bleed around for a standard canvas print, and 3” around for a gallery canvas print.

Submit your file through our online portal TPH Direct or choose your branch location first and submit a file directly on our branch page. If you are a new customer, an easy sign up process is required.

Frequently Asked Questions

A canvas print is an image that is digitally printed onto a canvas substrate, which is then stretched over a fabricated wooden frame resulting in a three dimensional canvas display.
A stretched canvas print is the same as a standard canvas print. The term “stretched canvas” simply refers to the method of stretching the canvas over a wooden frame.
Most often, it is artists and art students who occasionally require unframed canvas prints, which they prefer to stretch and frame themselves.
Artists and art students occasionally require unframed canvas prints, which they prefer to stretch and frame themselves.
Frequent dusting helps to preserve colour and finish on canvas. Alternatively, use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe the canvas. Do not use cleaning products, abrasive scrubbers, or excessive force.

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