3 ways to use direct mail this summer

It’s the summer to try new things. Direct mail offers businesses an exciting opportunity to go around digital opt-in requirements and reach more customers. With email marketing, Canadian businesses must follow CASL. However, direct mail gives businesses an advantage to speak to anyone without requiring their implied or express consent.

But first, what is direct mail? It’s a marketing tool using printed items such as brochures, flyers and postcards to reach consumers at home. You can pick your choice of marketing materials based on the nature of your campaign or message.

We’ll run you through three ways that businesses are using direct mail to strategically connect with their target audience. 

1. Neighbourhood targeting

Target your ideal customer base by postal code. This method of direct mail must be unaddressed. Keep in mind, that you’ll have to meet the minimum volume for your chosen postal route (according to Canada Post, an average of 500 pieces).

Neighbourhood targeting is a fit for any industry. Real estate developers will use direct mail to promote up-and-coming projects. Real estate agents will use direct mail to establish themselves as experts in the area. They’ll use the tool to share market trends or demonstrate the value that they’ve gotten for similar homes in the neighbourhood.

Retail stores and restaurants that rely on walk-in traffic take advantage of this opportunity to attract loyal customers who live nearby. They’ll often attract visitors to their location with an enticing offer – which we’ll touch on more in a moment.

Ready to try neighbourhood mail? It’s easy to get started. TPH is a Canada Post Smartmail Partner™ and is, therefore, able to assist with design, print, preparation, lists, and mailing. You handle your campaign messaging and we’ll take care of the rest. Contact a TPH Manager to get started.

2. Extend an offer or a promotion

If you want to measure the success of your next direct mail campaign, we recommend including an offer or promotion. Adding a promo code to your next postcard allows you to associate sales with your mailing campaign – calculating a more accurate return on investment (ROI).

Real estate agents may also do direct mail promotions in the form of contesting. A great way to establish connections in the area and build trust is by partnering with another respected, local business. For instance, real estate agents might do a giveaway to greenhouses, breweries, sporting events, and restaurants. Directing people to a website or social channel to sign up is a great way to generate new leads or build a social media following.

In retail, direct mail offers can include an incentive to act now. For instance, a retail brand may offer 20% off for a short period of time (with a promo code to track results). Retailers may offer exclusive promotions on certain products such as a sale on summer products to create room for fall.

Ready to try extending a direct mail offer? Browse marketing materials to choose between postcards, flyers, and more. You handle your campaign messaging and we’ll take care of the rest. Contact a TPH Manager to get started.

3. Target repeat customers

It’s easier to attract repeat business than it is to attract new customers. Not only that, returning customers often spend more than first-time buyers. According to RJ Metrics, repeat customers tend to spend 300% more than a net-new customer. It’s difficult to encourage repeat customers, but it’s a great opportunity once you’ve won them over.

Try reaching out to repeat customers with direct mail by compiling a customer list and working with a Canada Post Smartmail Partner™. As neighbourhood mail is unaddressed, personalized mail from a client list has a significant advantage. According to Canada Post, 87% of Canadians open addressed mail. This means that direct mail is a tremendous opportunity to have your target audience actively engage with your next campaign.

Ready to try personalized mail? TPH is a Canada Post Smartmail Partner™ and is, therefore, able to assist with design, print, preparations, lists, and mailing. You handle your campaign content and we’ll take care of the rest. Contact a TPH Manager to get started.

Direct mail is a unique way to get your next campaign in the hands of your targeted neighbourhood, existing customers or qualified leads. It’s an advertising technique used in a wide range of industries to attract new and repeat business. We hope you’ll try neighbourhood mail, personalized mail and extending a direct mail offer for your next marketing campaign.

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