Business Cards


First impressions matter – make them count.
Create a business card design authentic to your brand.


Choose the style, make it yours. All cards come double-sided or single-sided. Pick your preferred thickness, texture, and finishing details.

Original Business Cards

Get the word out with a no-fuss option that is light in hand.
12 pt paper.

Premium Business Cards

Our most popular option, medium-thick and great for everyday use.
14 pt paper.

Superior Business Cards

Stand out with sturdy and lasting, high-quality business cards.
16 pt paper.

Premium White Business Cards

A premium, matte card perfectly suited for loyalty programs or appointment cards.

Triple Thick Business Cards

Talk about a big personality. These high-quality cards are equally bold and exciting. 32 pt multiloft.

Rounded Corners Business Cards

Add smooth, rounded corners to your cards. A small detail that makes a big impact.

Folded Business Cards

Gain precious real estate to tell a story and create an unexpected experience.

Enviro Business Cards

Show you care about sustainability with certified ancient forest-friendly cards.

Clear PVC Business Cards

Create a truly interactive experience with clear PVC cards. Transparent and flexible.

Custom Shapes

Circular Business Cards

A chic and stylish option that pairs well with a circular logo.

Cutout Business Cards

Signify your stellar attention to detail with this unique look.

Custom Shape Business Cards

Don’t risk blending into the crowd, try a custom-shaped card.

Square Business Cards

It’s hip to be square! Use this card to make friends and influence people.


Like a firm handshake, a well-designed card will make a great first impression. Make it count with beautifully designed, stackable, and wallet-friendly business cards.

  • Business Cards
  • Appointment Cards
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Stamp Cards
  • Referral Cards
  • Event Tickets
  • Information Cards
  • Package Insert

Customization Options

Gloss Lamination (Customization Option)
Gloss Lamination
Matte Lamination (Customization Option)
Matte Lamination
Satin Lamination (Customization Option)
Satin Lamination
Soft-Touch Lamination (Customization Option)
Soft-Touch Lamination
Clear Coating (Customization Option)
Clear Coating
Foil (Customization Option)
Emboss / Deboss (Customization Option)
Spot Gloss (Customization Option)
Spot Gloss
Coloured Edges (Customization Option)
Coloured Edges
Perforation (Customization Option)

Design Guidelines

For best results, submit a high-resolution PDF. Aim for 300 DPI at 100% size, and add a ¼″ bleed. We also accept high-quality TIFF, JPG or PNG files.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What size are business cards?
    • 3.5″ x 2″. Ask us about custom sizes.
  • How thick is a business card?
    • Cards range from about 8pt (2mm) to 32pt (11mm).
  • Do you have other paper choices?
    • Many options are available. Contact a local production centre.
  • Can you help me design this?
  • Can I pick up my order locally?
    • Yes. To arrange curbside pick-up, please contact your local production centre before placing an order. 
  • Is this product sourced sustainably?
    • Responsibly sourced paper and products are a top priority. Take a look at our annual sustainability report and paper procurement policy.

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