Light Boxes

Big, backlit graphics. Brilliant colour on a freestanding frame.
Use as event displays, window signage or backdrops.


Lit with ultra-efficient LED lights – enjoy 50,000 hours of lamp light. Silicone edge graphics, printed on fabric and mounted to a light, aluminum frame.

Freestanding Light Box


Custom-sized frames made to order.


Create a light-up wall display.


Indoor use only. LED, fabric light boxes printed with state-of-the-art dye-sublimation technology.

  • LED Fabric Light Boxes 
  • Window Signage
  • Event Displays
  • Lit Backdrops
  • Backlit Display

Design Guidelines

For best results, submit a high-resolution PDF. Aim for 300 DPI at 100% size, and add a ¼″ bleed. We also accept high-quality TIFF, JPG or PNG files.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size are the light boxes?

Common sizes are: 35″ x 47″ / 36″ x 70″ / 47″ x 94″. All light boxes are custom sized, made to order.

Can I have a double-sided light box created?


What is the light box made with?

LED-backlit, dye-sublimated fabric with an aluminum frame.

Can you help me design this?

Absolutely! Find your local production centre to book a graphic design consultation.

How long will the light last?

50,000 hours of lamplight.

Will you send me a proof?

Digital proofs are sent by email upon request.

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