Print Donations

Throughout the year we receive more requests than we can support. Therefore, it is necessary for us to apply some guidelines to help us in determining which charities we will assist.

How to make a request

  1. To qualify for a print donation, your organization must meet the following criteria:
    • The request is for an in‐kind donation; TPH Charitable Office does not provide monetary donations.
    • The donation request directly supports a registered Canadian charity.
    • The funds being raised, or services offered by the charity, will be applied solely within Canada.
    • There is a minimum of 30 business days’ notice to the date(s) the materials are required.
    • The request is not being made by a religious or politically affiliated organization.
    • The request is not for a gambling‐related event.
  2. Download and complete our donation request form and email it to

A TPH Charitable Office team member will be in touch. If your request is accepted, the printed material must display the TPH corporate logo in colour and FSC logo where possible.


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