Stay connected: how to engage after your trade show

Your trade show was a success and you’re ready to follow up with attendees and networking opportunities. Let’s explore some post-trade show strategies to ensure you’re making the most of your newfound connections.

Add post-trade show leads to your email list

At your event, you’ll ideally have run activation strategies to build up your email list. These could have been on-site contesting opportunities, promotions to drive traffic to your website, or signing up for an immediate reward. For those who have agreed to opt-in for email communications, ensure you’re adding them to your CRM immediately following the event.

At the event, it can be helpful to classify these leads as cold, warm or hot. This kind of information can be extremely helpful for informing how you’re going to contact them next and by who. For instance, you may have a tiered sales team dedicated to following up with them based on the level of opportunity. For warm and hot leads, you’ll want to tailor your approach to the person. Let’s run through some networking strategies.

Connect with leads on social

An exciting way to connect with leads of all levels and those who may have missed the show is to post on social media about the event. Consider posting on LinkedIn about things you learned at the event, especially tips and tricks your audience would find valuable. Posting a story, event photos, or a blog post gives attendees or those who missed the show an opportunity to engage with you.

For warm and hot leads, it’s appropriate to add them as a connection on LinkedIn. Send a personalized message expressing gratitude with some details about the valuable conversations you’ve had.

Send personalized follow-ups

For the connections and new leads that you’re most excited about, consider going the extra mile. Send something in the mail – a thank-you note, thank-you offer or personalized package. Mail signifies extra thought as it’s a unique approach to competitors who may simply send an email. Direct mail signifies that their business in the best hands.

We used an example from the apparel brand, ‘Edelweiss’ to show how to introduce warm & hot leads to your brand with personalized welcome packages. Edelweiss chose to include a branded T-Shirt, personalized letter, and custom candle with their logo. They also sent a 240-page branded leather-bound book. It’s ideal to send universally pleasing, useful items.

We recommend branding your shipping boxes, including custom letterhead, stickers, branded apparel or notebooks and a product sample.

Ready to create? Contact your TPH Manager for branded packaging, letterhead, and endless apparel options.

You’re ready to win over leads! These post-trade show networking strategies are sure to set you apart from the rest. When picking the strategy best for your business consider being thoughtful, unique, and going the extra mile in your networking.

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