How To Make Your In-Store Event A Success

In-store events are a great way to get people into your store, interact with them, and get them excited about your brand. However, event planning can be stressful and overwhelming at times.

Luckily, there are three simple ways to ensure your in-store event is a success.

Promote Your Event

Pre-event promotion is a key part of ensuring you get the turnout you want at your event. There are many ways to promote your event, including digital and traditional tactics. You can put up event signage and displays around your shop and nearby. Especially if your shop is on a busier street, this is a good strategy to promote your event and try to attract new customers. In-store promotion is another strategy to get people to attend your event. This one is a must, as it is the most direct and reaches people who already interact with you and your shop on an in-person basis.

You can also use digital strategies, like social media and email marketing. The people who follow you and interact with you on digital channels already support your brand, so this is a good way to share your event with supporters who may have an interest in attending a special event. Remember to post and email more than once to remind people about your event.

Swag and Giveaways

Another important way to make your event successful is to acquire swag and other materials to give out at your event. You may have small swag bags for attendees to take home. This is a good opportunity to increase brand awareness by including usable products that display your brand name or logo. Alternatively, you may just have a couple of smaller items, like pins and stickers, to give out, depending on your budget for the event.

You may also go in the direction of hosting a contest or giveaway, where participants enter to win a bigger item. Maybe you would want to offer a clothing item with your brand name on it or a free service. However you decide to include swag at your event, make sure that you order the items you need with enough time for them to be created and to get to you. This is applicable to signage and event marketing materials as well. You can also highlight swag – gift bags, contests, or giveaways– in the signage and language used to promote the event.

Post-Event Follow Ups

After your event, following up with attendees is a great way to increase the impact of your event. Within a couple of days after your event, you should send attendees a thank you card or email for coming out and supporting your business. You can include photos from the event, a nice note, and ways that people can stay involved with your brand. You may decide to include a promotion for your shop to encourage people to come back to your store. This is also a good opportunity to include a survey link to ask for feedback about your brand and event.

It’s also a good idea to share your event on social media and with your general email list. This is a good way to show that you care about your customers and have a welcoming, fun environment at your shop.

Start Planning Your In-Store Event

Overall, a few simple steps of good promotion, swag, and post-event follow-ups can go a long way in making your in-store event a success. If you’re looking to plan your next in-person event, TPH can help!

TPH offers personalized signs, cutouts, and displays to use in the indoor or outdoor promotion of your event. We also make custom stickers, T-shirts, and other swag that you can use for all kinds of promotions. Quick turnaround times make it easy for you to get your swag in time for your event. Check out our event products and get an estimate today!