Environmentally certified

As eco friendly printers, we are committed to recycling and purchasing only from environmentally conscious suppliers.

FSC® certified

Our environmental printing certifications mean additional peace of mind for you.

Improve your corporate image and your environmental and social credibility. Buy responsibly. Buy FSC®. Talk to your TPH® manager about FSC® Certified stocks and using our FSC® Certified logo.

It's good business to show you care.

When using stock that comes from responsible sources, you may request one or more of the trademarks be printed on your collateral. Ask your local TPH® manager about using these certifications on your next print project!

Offers Ancient Forest Friendly papers

Offers Ancient Forest Friendly papers

TPH is able to offer ancient forest friendly papers. This helps to reduce our carbon footprint and protect endangered forests and ecosystems. The ancient forest friendly™ logo represents the highest ecological qualities in the paper industry.

We're conscious of the impacts of sourcing decisions on endangered species, high conservation value forests, communities and climate, in places like the Boreal and the Broadback Forest, Coastal Temperate Rainforests and Indonesian rainforests. TPH works closely with not-for-profit canopy on policy implementation to ensure we carefully assess our fibre sourcing to avoid ancient and endangered forest regions.