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Responsibly-Sourced Printing

Eager to find environmentally-friendly marketing solutions? We'll put your mind at ease and help you show your customers that you prioritize sustainable choices through our commitment to eco-friendly printing.

TPH® Recognized For Canada’s Greenest Employers (2021)

TPH is delighted to join the list of respected organizations that have been recognized as one of Canada's Greenest Employers of 2021. The award, presented by Mediacorp Canada Inc., is given to employers that lead the nation in creating a culture that values sustainable initiatives and environmental awareness.

North America's most forest-friendly printer

As a result of our environmental initiatives, The Printing House was rated North America's most forest-friendly printer in Canopy's 2019 Blueline Ranking, the only comprehensive assessment of the environmental performance of North America's printers. The Blueline Ranking is designed to help paper and packaging customers choose printers that can help them meet their own climate and sustainability goals and access Ancient Forest Friendly papers.

We have achieved our ranking by working to reduce our use of papers that contain ancient and endangered forest fibre, working to advancing forest conservation solutions, supporting the development of new environmental papers, and bringing a high degree of transparency to our sustainability initiatives.

Our commitment to the environment allows us to provide our customers with a wide range of Ancient Forest Friendly products, as designated by Canopy.

We recognize that single use packaging, whether plastics or paper, currently exerts an impact on ecosystems at the resource extraction point, during production and in disposal. Learn more about Pack4Good.

Learn more about our environmental partnerships. See a complete list of our environmental certifications.

Our commitment to sustainable paper use

TPH Sustainability Report 2021

TPH 2021 Sustainability Report

The fifth TPH 2021 Sustainability Report was published to show our environmental initiatives for the year. This report outlines our environmental efforts put in place for people, paper, planet, and our partnerships.

PDF, 5.32 MB

TPH Paper Procurement Policy

TPH® Paper Procurement Policy

Our Paper Procurement Policy supports the development and use of papers that do not come from ancient and endangered forests. This document ensures all suppliers enlist the same environmental responsibility practices we have chosen to implement throughout the company.

PDF, 705 KB

The Eco Friendly Benefits of Working With TPH

Eco printing solutions at TPH

We Support Conservation Planning Efforts

Eco printing solutions at TPH

We Help Protect Ancient and Endangered Forests

Eco printing solutions at TPH

We Support Next Generation Solutions

Eco printing solutions at TPH

We Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

TPH sustainable printing practices

We Are Committed to the Circular Economy

The Printing House head office and branch network are mandated to recycle 100% of all recyclable materials

We are Committed to Recyclable Materials

Green printing at TPH

We Use Eco-Friendly Paper that Looks Great!

*Please note that the baseline calculation from previous years has been slightly modified.

Plant a tree in our forest

When you open a new TPH account, you will have a tree planted in your name to support Canadian forest restoration. We have partnered with Forest Farmer to help offset our environmental footprint and help Canadian forests.

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