Holiday Packaging Ideas For The Ultimate Unboxing Experience

Holiday Gift Packaging

Get creative with holiday packaging ideas to amp up the excitement for your customers. E-commerce holiday packaging should build a relationship with the customer that is more than just transactional. Adding items like personalized holiday postcards, will help to create a feeling and a brand connection to inspire return customers. 

Let’s set the scene- you’re a kid and the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year. When Christmas morning finally arrives it’s just as good as you’d hoped it would be. It’s the thrill of unwrapping presents from under the tree. 

Now, we don’t propose setting the bar that high. But by adjusting a few important elements of your business’ brand packaging, you can level up the customer unboxing experience. We’ve compiled our top ideas to unlock the ultimate unboxing experience for your customers.

Simple But Impactful Holiday Packaging Designs

One of the best parts of receiving a gift is the mystery of what could possibly be inside. Choosing a visually simple packaging option can add to this air of intrigue. Over-the-top packaging can be distracting but simplicity puts the focus on what’s important.

Tip #1: Add foil design elements to create luxury packaging without looking overdone. 

Cheerful Holiday Packaging Wins Every Time

Branded stickers and labels from TPH can take boxes and bags from blah to beautiful. Try festive patterns to help your holiday packaging make a great first impression. Promotional holiday postcards are also a great way to celebrate the season while keeping costs low and spirits high.

Tip #2: Dress up holiday packaging with printed labels to add your logo or festive graphics.

Surprise & Delight With An Unexpected Gift

Win over customers with small gestures of goodwill. Add a free sample or small gifts as a token of appreciation. A small ornament, laser printed custom coasters, or create a desktop calendar for the new year approaching. 

Tip #3: Go above and beyond to deliver more than what’s expected.

Explore The Third Dimension

Make packaging more exciting by adding unexpected textural elements like embossing or debossing. Textured designs leave a lasting impression, especially when created with gold or silver foil effects. 

Tip #4 Re-use embossing plates on future projects to get the most out of your investment.

Have an idea? Let’s get started. Connect with a TPH location to create custom print materials that will leave clients and customers impressed.