Custom Display Solutions

Think outside the box with custom exhibit displays from TPH!

Come to us with your most creative custom display ideas and we’ll bring them to life! From brainstorming and concept development to high quality production, our experienced team can execute your vision on time and on budget. Our national network provides the resources and capabilities necessary to create unique and personalized solutions for your company, including custom exhibits, fabrication and packaging.

TPH’s combination of cutting edge technology and the expertise of our Print Specialists is unparalleled in the industry. Whether you’re envisioning larger than life display exhibits for your next major event, a packaging prototype to help your products shine, or even 3D custom fabrication, our team can provide valuable solutions your customers will love.

Display Fabrication

3D Step and Repeat

Custom exhibits display

Event display setup

3D view of custom display

Live environment

Custom display print & fabrication

A closer look

As a sponsor of the 2017 WWF-Canada CN Tower Climb for Nature, we were challenged to come up with a creative way to engage climbers at the event. This life sized polar bear was an elevated take on a traditional step and repeat backdrop, made with a combination of 3D printing and traditional printing processes. The fabrication of the polar bear included custom cut card stock and took only two days to complete from start to finish.

Custom Exhibits

CN Tower Replica

Custom exhibit fabrication at TPH The Printing House

Build in progress

3D printed custom display

Finished model

Custom 3D printing example

Event setup

A miniature model of the CN Tower was also created for the CN Tower Climb, which featured 3D printing, Sintra PVC, and LED strip lights for an authentic look. This piece was used to enhance the event space, providing a unique photo prop and opportunity to engage with attendees. TPH can help with the fabrication of custom exhibits for your next big event!

Printing on Wood

Laser-Engraved Display

Custom printed wine box

Our puzzle-like laser cut pieces, assembled together for a unique display.

Personalized wine box printing

Close-up of our laser-cutter in action.

Custom wine label

Each piece was cut and assembled by hand to create a unique art display.

We challenged our team of TPH print specialists to create a unique art installation at this year’s 28th annual WWF-Canada CN Tower Climb for Nature. The result of laser printing on wood beautifully showcases the image of a tree. The 84” x 60” display was created using individual digital printed pieces of wood veneer made of birch, cherry and walnut. Learn more about how we print on wood.