Book Printing & Binding

Business booklet printing & binding services including hard and soft cover custom book printing and document binding.

Custom Book Printing & Book Binding

Make your own professionally bound book or booklet to showcase your idea, sell your product or tell your story. Whether you decide on a custom hardcover book or softcover book, you can customize it with variable content and choose from a variety of value-add options like custom cutting and embossing.

Book Cover Options

Hardcover Books

Hardcover books have a classic look and a premium feel. They can be wrapped in linen, leather or have a full colour image cover. The pages are stitch-sewn and then bound to the hardcover with glue, creating a permanent, archive-quality book.

Specifications Details
Dimensions Minimum dimensions for Hardcover binding is 5”x5” to a maximum of 12”x12”.
Page Amounts Minimum spine size is 0.25” and can go up to a maximum of a 2” spine. (Archive quality is only available for up to a 0.45” spine.)
Benefits Classic look, robust feel, higher archive quality.

Softcover Books

Softcover, or perfect bound books, are created by gluing single pages and the cover together. Perfect binding means the result is a sharp and economical book with a clean and modern binding. The cover and content can be personalized for each book in the same print run.

Specifications Details
Dimensions Minimum dimensions for perfect binding is 5”x5” to a maximum of 15”x15”.
Page Amounts Minimum sheet amount is 10 pages and can go up to a maximum of a 2” spine.
Benefits Clean and modern edge, flexible and cost-effective.

Book Binding Options

Perfect Binding or Glue Binding

Softcover book binding, or perfect binding, uses glue to bind the pages together making it an impactful and economic way to present information.

Case Binding or Sewn Binding

Hardcover books from TPH make you and your business look top-notch. Books are held together with sewn binding, and that's as good as it gets!

Saddle Stitch Binding or Staple Binding

Ideal for books with a shorter term use or small number of pages. Saddle Stitch books are stitched together with staples.

Document Binding Types

  • Wiro binding
  • Coil (spiral) binding
  • Cerlox binding

Finishing Options

Leatherette Covers

Leatherette covers add class and style that other covers cannot provide. Our leatherette covers are a classic choice for your custom book, be it an annual report or a company yearbook.

Linen Covers

Linen is a contemporary choice that is available in a wide range of colours. It is a perfect finish for any project.

Colour Covers

Whether you choose linen or leather covers to speak to your audience, we have a wide range of colours in each.

Laser Engraving & Cutting

Pique interest with a revealing knockout cover or add a different texture and timeless look with laser engraving.

Embellishments & Inlays

Make your book truly unique with custom inlays like coloured acrylic or stand out with dimensional embellishments.

Chicago Screws

Add a modern industrial look and an easy way to update content in your books with Chicago screw binding.

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