Spot UV

Hot Foil Stamping & Embossing

Spectacular Design, Endless Possibilities

Spot UV finish combines coveted embossed, hot foil stamping with a revolutionary digital process. Explore how your brand can stand apart with this glossy, raised finish. Combine this print design with multiple coloured foils, such as gold or silver to add luxury. Explore TPH’s flexibility, speed, and design that knows no bounds.

Business Cards, Event Invitations, Product Labels & More

  • Business cards
  • Book covers
  • Brochures
  • Presentation folders
  • Restaurant menus
  • Greeting cards
  • Event invitations
  • Save the dates
  • Wine labels
  • Craft beer labels
  • Product labels
  • Packaging

Premium Finish as Unique as Your Brand

Spot UV is a clear coating applied to an area of your print material that is then dried by ultraviolet light. It will enrich your text or design elements with a glossy, smooth appearance. This finish is ideal for making logos, key messaging, and call to actions stand out.

Add Dimension

Gold Foil

Use gold foil to exude elegance. A lavish choice for invitations, menus, and book covers. More coloured foil options available with or without lamination.

Silver Foil

A luxurious silver shine that’s hard to ignore. Silver foil business cards leave a lasting impression. Explore multiple coloured foil options with or without lamination.

Spot Gloss

A type of finishing that adds a layer of shine to certain elements of your design, such as logos and text. A stunning choice for product labels and business cards.

Raised Spot Gloss

A raised layer of shine combined with texture to stand out. Use for promotions and direct mail to stand out from the bunch.

Spot UV Advantages


Personalize your designs with varying names, addresses or messages. Unlimited uniqueness from one to thousands of prints.

Quick Turnaround

Our spot UV process is done digitally - a much faster method than offset printing. See the benefits of a classy design, with a revolutionary process.

No Minimum

Flexibility to order from one to thousands - we don’t require a bulk order.


Elevate your direct mail, business cards, or book covers with an unbeatable high-gloss shine.


Textural interest adds an unparallelled uniqueness. The feel of this design will set your printed material apart.

Environmentally Friendly

Spot UV is free of chemical solvents - which can contribute to toxicity and smog formation. It’s free of films and dies and is fully recyclable. However, if lamination or foil is incorporated, the product is no longer recyclable.


It provides a lasting, smudge resistant design.

Spot UV Recommendations

Spot UV Business Cards

Draw attention to your brand logo with a pop of spot UV against a matte or uncoated background. Build brand confidence with a superior business card that leaves a memorable first impression.

Spot UV Book or Presentation Covers

Add shine and dimension to book or presentation covers - making it a professional keepsake. Spot UV is an attractive addition to business stationary from letterheads to notebooks.

Spot UV Product Labels

Stand out by adding contrast and texture to your product label. Customize packaging with an attractive matte or gloss. Spot UV looks fabulous on wine labels, olive oils, and perfume packaging.

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Spot UV Process

Sheets are coated with a clear UV varnish then dried with UV lighting. The process is digital which ensures a quicker turnaround, and eliminates the need for films and dies. Spot UV makes foil embossing possible without a reverse impression on the back page. This allows you to enjoy the look and feel of embossed design with the flexibility to print double sided.

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