Debossing vs. Embossing

Explore the differences between debossing and embossing printing techniques available at TPH® print stores in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa and Halifax



Embossing adds an elegant effect to your printed projects by creating a raised design. This is done by using a metal die, which is applied from underneath the stock. Keep in mind this leaves a mirrored indentation of the embossed area on the other side of the stock.



Debossing creates an indentation in the stock, achieving an effect opposite to embossing . The metal die is stamped on to the front of the paper or cardstock to create a depressed area. Debossing will not leave a mark on the other side of the stock if a thicker paper is used.


How to use embossing or debossing in your printed materials

Highlight logos Help your company logo stand out on stationery! Debossing or Embossing business cards, letterhead or envelopes adds a professional touch.
Call attention to important information Draw your reader's eyes to the most important information on your postcards, rack cards, brochures and more.
Add texture and visual interest Don’t underestimate the power of touch in your print marketing! Debossing and embossing adds unique texture for a captivating effect.
Increase perception of value Investing more into your print by adding a finishing option such as embossing communicates higher quality and value with your customers.

Embossing & Debossing Examples

Blind Emboss

Blind Emboss & Deboss

"Blind" emboss and deboss refers to an area that is raised or imprinted, but is not printed of foiled. This achieves a subtle, yet impactful effect.

Embossing and foil printing

Embossing and foiling

Pairing embossing or debossing with printing or other finishing processes such as foil can increase impact to drive your message home.

Embossing text and logos

Text and Logos

Embossing or debossing looks best with larger type and solid graphic areas. This ensures your customers can really see (and feel!) the difference.

Embossing graphic design

Graphic Elements

Enhance a background pattern, motif or other graphic in your design. Get creative with the possibilities of embossing and debossing.


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