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Actually, allow us to serve you best. Open a TPH Corporate Account to make your life easier. Set up authorized buyers, keep track of your orders, and skip the deposit. Sign up today and we’ll even plant a tree in your name!

Here’s why a TPH Corporate Account works for over 12,000 Canadian businesses.

Access to any TPH location for your team across Canada

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Your choice of payment options:
Pay As You Go
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What’s the difference between
Pay As You Go and Pay On Account?

Pay As You Go Account

With Pay As You Go, your credit card will be charged when your project is ready. A receipt will be e-mailed to you when your card is charged.

Pay On Account

With Pay On Account, you get trade terms and flexible payment options. Your transactions are added to your Account upon invoicing and must be paid within 10 days. You can pay with EFT, credit card, eTransfer or cheque. We can also set up summary billing where your transactions are accumulated on one bill. (Credit approval is required.)

What is a TPH Account?

what is the tph payment portal?

the tph payment portal is our online payment portal available to account holders at no charge. it allows you to view, reprint, download, email, and pay invoices with ease.

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TPH plant a tree for every Account - Forest

we plant a tree for every new account!

when you open a new tph account, we plant a real tree in your name to support canadian forest restoration. our partner forest farmer™ helps us offset our environmental footprint and grows canadian forests.

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