TPH Charitable
Greeting Card Campaign

2020 Charitable Greeting Cards

TPH® Charitable Greeting Cards are an environmentally and socially responsible way to spread holiday cheer! Printed on FSC® certified paper, the net proceeds in 2020 will directly support CANFAR and their self-testing kit initiative.

Since 1990, our Charitable Greeting Card campaign has raised in excess of $1 million, supporting over 60 registered Canadian charities. This campaign is unique in giving 100% of the net proceeds to the selected charity.

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If you require assistance with your order, please contact TPH Charitable Office or call us at 416-504-5296.

Environmentally and Socially Responsible Greeting Cards

The Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research (CANFAR) was founded in 1987 and aims to end Canada’s HIV epidemic by leading national strategies to increase prevention, testing, treatment and linkage to care, and to end HIV stigma.

Price Chart


10 to 499 - $1.70

500 to 999 - $1.50

1000 or more - $1.35


10 to 499 - $0.25

500 to 999 - $0.20

1000 or more - $0.15


Envelopes stamped and mailed directly from production facility

Flat Rate - No price breaks - $0.92

2020 Sponsors

The TPH® Charitable Greeting Card campaign is made possible through the generous donation of artwork by Canadian artists and the following companies:

Sponsor Ariva Sponsor Xerox Sponsor Spicers Sappi