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Career Opportunities in the Printing Industry

Are you an energetic, motivated professional, comfortable with self-direction as well as working within a dynamic team structure? If you thrive in a fast-paced environment, are a proven problem solver and service-oriented, then this is an exceptional career opportunity in the printing industry. We have vacancies for printing jobs in a number of fields, including positions in management, design, production, finishing, distribution and more. Kick start your career with an exciting print production job in Canada! Work hands on with state of the art equipment and materials to create important customer jobs that make an impact. At TPH®, we care about providing the support necessary to help you grow professionally and develop valuable skills applicable to the printing industry and beyond.

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TPH® is delighted to join the list of respected organizations for a third year in a row, that have been recognized as one of Canada's Greenest Employers of 2019. The award, presented by Mediacorp Canada Inc., is given to employers that lead the nation in creating a culture of environmental awareness.

Branch Specialist Positions

Our Branch Specialists are responsible for getting the job done with maximum efficiency, without compromising on quality. With positions available in departments ranging from design to finishing, you will be working directly with customers and on customer projects.

The objective of the Administration Specialist is to assist the Manager in immediately responding to the volume of inquiries by specifying Customer requirements into detailed quotes and work orders; then using SSOF, expedite each order into production. They must ensure the accuracy of data input into SOP:

  1. Job specifications, pricing details and other instructions are clearly itemized
  2. Cash handling and invoicing is done in strict compliance with TPH® policies and procedures
  3. Ensure account and contact information is regularly verified and updated and the Manager is kept informed of status at all times

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The objective of the Design Specialist is to always have a job ripping in the print queue so the output machines are kept running at all times. They must preflight files against work order specifications and make them 'print ready' for output. As directed, they consult with the Customers on design and layout, makes revisions, and record chargeable time which generates additional revenues for the Branch.

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The Print Specialist is required to produce zero quality defects while optimizing the running capacity of the machines. They must perform preventative maintenance on equipment and organize the materials needed for each job ahead of time to minimize interruptions and downtime.

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The objective of the Finishing Specialist is to accurately finish and package the job allowing sufficient time for the order to be delivered sooner than expected. They must do preventative maintenance and organize the materials needed for each job ahead of time so as to have 'at the ready' to minimize interruptions and downtime.

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Get the finished order to the Customer sooner than expected. Plan, coordinate and execute the safest, fastest and most economical method of delivery (walking, driving, or outside services).

Maintains necessary logs (# of deliveries, outside shipping costs, mileage, safety inspections as required), interacts directly with Customers and proactively feeds back key information to the Manager on Customer needs and satisfaction as well as on new developments within the Patch.

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Management positions

Our Managers are at the core of our business, requiring the expertise necessary to build valuable relationships and exceed customer expectations. Our Managers report directly to the Office of the President and serve as brand ambassadors as well as business consultants to TPH® Customers.

As a Manager with TPH®, you have spirit, knowledge, drive, and a level of focus to provide customers with the solutions they demand. You will be responsible for managing a profit centre with direct control of revenue, service levels, store hours, product quality, and the selection and development of your own production team.

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As the Manager's right hand, you will be responsible for ensuring that customer deadlines are met, interacting in both a sales and service capacity. Ideally, you are familiar with computers, especially Microsoft Office, and have experience in the print industry. A college diploma or university degree is an asset.

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Head Office positions

Our Corporate Head Office provides the leadership and support to 70+ corporately owned branches coast to coast. If you like to play more of a “supporting role” than be “centre stage” in one of our branches, our corporate office may be the place for you. We are behind the scenes offering expertise in the following areas:

As a Business Development Specialist (BDS) representing TPH® you will be an integral part of our account acquisition process as well as a strong influence to active account growth.

You will work as an ambassador in the marketplace to raise brand awareness by developing relationships that deliver client focused solutions that translate into new business growth. Your ability to get things done through the willing cooperation of others will be the key to your success.

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Plan your own trajectory

Grow into an inspiring leader

You've just come across one of the best management opportunities in the country! With the right attitude and motivation, you can grow into a great management position.

Invest in your mastery

Interested in something hands on? No problem. We have tons of great opportunities for specialized skills like offset printing, finishing, graphic design, and the list goes on.

Hire for attitude, train for skill

Don't worry if you don't have all the skills on our wishlist. If you're awesome we'll train you. We work hard - Our customers need us to deliver every time. But we like to play hard too.