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It’s our mission to help guide you through the process of good logo design. A strong logo and quality branding are essential for any business hoping to succeed in today’s marketplace. Find a design partner near you at one of our 65 plus locations across Canada.

Logo design services at TPH The Printing House

Why design a logo with us?

Good graphic design is what you can expect when you choose to work with TPH!

  • Our designers work with you one on one
  • Custom logo design from start to finish
  • Creative and knowledgeable graphic designers
  • Brand expertise for over 12,000 Corporate Accounts
  • Canadian, in house production

Logo design services

A design consult helps us get to know you and your needs. We help by guiding you through a process, where we listen to your feedback and make your logo design concept a reality!

Graphic design for 3 logo concepts, 5 revisions

Hire by the hour

Web, source and vector files (.EPS, .JPG, .PNG, .PDF)

Guaranteed unique design

Check out our logo design work!

Here’s a small snapshot of some logos we have designed working with our clients, from scratch.

Finance logo design

Rhino Financial Analysts original monoline logo design. High contrast with a one-of-a-kind a line drawn, doodle inspired rhino.

Cosmetic logo design

Scrubbity Do-Dahhh worked with our Ottawa branch to design their product labels and logo from scratch.

Tailor logo design

The Lady Butler: Tailored Home Management Services original logo design. We also created a custom business card layout.

Finance logo design

Citadel Financial Wealth Group’s logo and typesetting is professional and suits their industry.

Logo design tips

It’s a process! Start off planning your logo with confidence by reviewing these tips we’ve gathered from our design team.

  • Start with good design. A foundation for good logo design includes thoughtful consideration of colour, form, symbolism, fonts.
  • Provide examples. Share your personal taste with us, bring other logos you like! This helps our design team gather inspiration about the style you’re looking for in your own logo.
  • Consider your industry. Your dream logo, or image choice may not line up with what’s recognizable for your industry. Focus on what speaks to your brand, within the realm of your industry’s recognizable visual markers.
  • Keep it simple. Logos are not your company mission statement, nor are they a detailed resume. Logos are a handshake, and introduction that leaves someone wanting more!

Feedback and revisions

Every creative designer works differently, but the end goal is the same: to create the best logo that is perfect for you and your business.

  • Setting expectations: our team of design experts will guide you through an initial consultation, followed by feedback and revision.
  • The design process: this is where our designers shine. We let the creative process happen and give your design the time it needs.
  • Feedback: during the feedback and revision process, we work with you to review design concepts and revise the artwork until it is just right.
  • Timeline: this process can take days, or weeks depending on the complexity of the design.

Frequently asked questions

If you’re looking for logo design and branding work at TPH, here’s what you can expect. Work one on one with an in house graphic designer to create a one of a kind logo for your business. This is an important step in building the brand of your business. Branding work for our customers involves layout design to place your logo on customer facing materials such as letterhead, promotional signs, business cards, etc.
This is a subjective question, because everyone has their own personal preference in terms of what makes a good logo. A clear, strong, effective logo is made of clear typography, strong colours, and a simple design or image. However, these elements have a lot to do with your industry, brand, and business.
We create files that are re-sizable – Vector images do no pixelate when re-sized. However, we also optimize images for print and digital that are smaller, which are easier to share and use.
Logo and design work is priced by the hour. To get an accurate estimate for your project, we suggest you get in touch with a local TPH Manager who can ask you a few key questions about what you’re looking for. Timelines can widely vary based on the client expectations, scope of the project, and how far a long you are in the design and vision process.
TPH has experienced graphic design staff at each location in Canada. Whether you’re in Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto, Niagara, or the East Coast- our team of creative specialists are ready to help you. Use the find a location button in the top right corner to get connected with a design team near you!

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