3D Figurines

Take your selfie to the next level
with your very own 3D printed custom figurine.

3D Selfies

Introducing 3D Selfies!

Have yourself or your loved ones reproduced in full CMYK colour with stunning life-like detail.
Our 3D Scanning Studio in Downtown Toronto captures your pose and our state of the art 3D printer creates a fully customized 3D model, ready in only 4-7 days.

Your model cost

To find out how much your model will be, please select your height in the dropdown menu to the right. You will then see available model prices per scale.

Please note that some scale options are either unavailable or require you to contact the 3D Printing Branch for further details.

Scale Price

Create your selfie in 4 steps

3D selfie studio in downtown Toronto

1. Get scanned

Make an appointment at our 3D Scanning Studio in Downtown Toronto for a full-body scan.

3D selfie scanning studio in downtown Toronto

2. 3D model building

We’ll turn your scan into a high-quality, accurately detailed 3D rendering.

* Have something custom in mind? Add props or other features to your Self Portrait – contact us for more details.

3D selfie scanning studio in downtown Toronto

3. 3D printing

Your 3D model comes to life with our powder-based ProJet660 3D printer, capable of full CMYK colour printing.

3D selfie packaging Toronto downtown

4. Shipping or pickup

Enjoy the convenience of having your 3D Figurine shipped to your door, or opt to pick it up from our location.

Frequently asked questions

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Choosing the perfect outfit for your 3D Figurine is an important task! Wear what you feel most comfortable in, but keep in mind the following tips:

  • Avoid small checkerboard or dotted prints. The nature of the 3D printing process could result in these patterns blending into a solid colour on your Self Portrait, or may cause an undesirable effect known as "Moiré", creating strange artifacts in the image.
  • Avoid large pieces of reflective clothing, e.g. shiny or reflective jackets and boots.
  • Avoid wearing black or white articles of clothing, as these items do not produce the best results with scanning and printing.
  • Glasses can be a challenge, due to scaling – we don’t recommend wearing thin framed glasses.

We do allow props, although additional costs may occur. Please note, props that are thin in nature aren’t recommended - avoid thinner objects such as umbrellas and walking sticks.

Absolutely. We know you love your pets. Call us today and immortalize Rover forever!

The whole process is quite quick! The scanning booth uses 120+ DSLR (digital) cameras to capture your image, which are all triggered at the same exact time. Once you’re happy with the preview image, a 3D object is rendered from the series of photos, which takes a few hours to generate. Once the rendering is cleaned up digitally, it’s sent off to our 3D Print queue for printing.

Our scanning booth currently accommodates up to two people at a time. However, models featuring more than one person will incur an additional cost.

Please note that individual scans can be combined into a single model. 3D models that require multiple scans to be combined will also incur an additional cost. Please contact the 3D branch for more details.

We add a special solution to your 3D Figurine which strengthens the print, however the material used is comparable to porcelain – if dropped on a hard surface, it may break. Try to handle your 3D Figurine with care.

Your 3D Figurine is printed in full CYMK colour from sandstone material. After printing, your portrait is treated with a special solution to strengthen the material.

You also have the option to "wax" your portrait. Waxing the object seals the sandstone for added protection from the elements, and helps the colours pop!

Follow these recommendations to keep your 3D Figurine in great condition:

  • Keep away from children and pets, as it may pose a choking hazard.
  • Treat your 3D Figurine with care – we coat your figurine with a special solution which strengthens the material, but it still may break if dropped or roughly handled.
  • Your 3D Figurine has been treated in wax to seal in the colour! However, please be aware that colours may fade over time. To preserve the original colour longer, avoid placing in a location that is exposed to direct sunlight for long periods each day.
  • Store your 3D Selfie indoors at room temperature. Cold temperatures below 5°C may cause changes to the protective wax coating on your figurine, which may cause the colours to fade. Simply heat with a hair dryer to restore original vibrant colours. Caution: After heating, let figurine stand for 10 minutes. Your 3D Selfie will be hot!

Since we have access to your 3D scan and the digital artwork, we are happy to offer reprints at 40% off the full price, if ordered within 30 days of your original figurine.

3D Printing Services Terms and Conditions