The Printing House Style Guide


Welcome to the TPH® style guide. This page will provide you with current information on TPH® logo application and current downloads of TPH® branding elements. The guidelines below will help to ensure we are presenting the brand consistently on all of our customer facing and internal material.

If you are thinking of creating marketing material for your branch remember that TPH® Marketing is here to help. We may have something created that will work for your situation or you can make a request for collateral to be created through Scott Dillon at Your request must be able to be repurposed for all branches to be considered for production by Marketing. If you have a great idea that could be used for all of our branches, we would love to hear it! Send an email to

Please remember that any time the TPH® logo is used it must be submitted to TPH® Trademark Approvals via for approval.

Download TPH® Identity Guidelines



Corporate Fonts

Please request these fonts from the Marketing Department at



Please ensure the webmark is always in UPPERCASE.






Social Icons

Social icons for print Social icons for print



For print: minimum width = 1.75 in



Please avoid...

Avoid overlapping elements Avoid changing the colours Avoid using distracting backgrounds

Avoid overlapping elements

Avoid changing the colours

Avoid using distracting backgrounds

Try adding space between
the logo and the element

Try using the white or black
version of the logo

Try finding another
better suited spot



Ideal Acceptable If for any reason the logo minimum size requirements can't be met, it will be managed on a case-by-case basis upon submission for logo approval.

1" wide
Ideal minimum size

0.5" wide
Acceptable minimum size



A quiet area of one third the height of the logo is required in order to give the logo some breathing room.

Height Padding