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The true cost of Comic Sans and other printing peculiarities
8/19/2014 09:46:32 AM
Hopefully by now we all know that Comic Sans doesn’t actually scream fun. That is, unless you think using it to annoy your graphic designer friends is fun. Pixartprinting put together this interesting infographic which shows the cost of printing Comic Sans versus other typefaces and other printing peculiarities, such as the impact of writing [...]

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Fourteen examples of creative custom cut business cards
8/11/2014 04:17:48 PM
Unique business cards are our kryptonite. We love seeing the different ones out there, especially the ones that think outside the triangle and take on a shape of their own. Here are fourteen of our favourite business cards that stand out from your average stack. Business cards don’t have to be boring! 1. Illustrator’s cards [...]

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