Refresh: physical distancing signage checklists

Across Canada, retailers, restaurants, and offices are at different phases of opening. Some provinces have been open for weeks, while others are preparing to reopen in new ways at reduced capacity.

Whether you’re looking to update or improve upon your signage or you need guidance on reopening – we’ve prepared physical distancing signage checklists to help your staff or customers’ return clear and seamless.

How can retailers prepare?

Retail Council of Canada (RCC) has created a COVID-19 checklist for retailers with guidance from Public Health Agency of Canada, Health Canada and provincial health ministries. Some recommendations from RCC include policies for reducing infection at work, ensuring companies have sufficient cleaning resources, and establishing clear communication of such policies to customers and staff.

We’re here to assist offices, retailers and restaurants in implementing RCC’s recommendations – for instance, clearly communicating cough and sneeze etiquette and hand hygiene. Below, find our recommendations for sharing these protocols with your customers and staff. Our physical distancing signage can be used throughout stores, in backrooms, breakrooms and more.

Download your TPH physical distancing checklists

Our business reopening checklist will help you start thinking about areas where you can welcome staff and customers back effectively and safely.

Signage checklist: Offices, stores, hair salons & customer-facing businesses

In our physical distancing signage checklist, we’ve thought about popular high-risk areas (stairwells, hallways, lunchrooms) so that employees or customers can interact with your space effectively.

Order online at or contact your location for posters, floor decals, shields, and more. Your TPH Manager can recommend ideal designs and placements to ensure your signage is as effective as possible.

If you want to learn more about the science of effective signage (and see some physical distancing solutions in action) view our free webinar.

Signage checklist: Restaurants

We understand that restaurants require custom solutions. As more restaurants in Ontario start to reopen this week, we’re here to support you with one-use, touchless or easy-to-clean menus. Our floor signage will help keep restaurant-goers 6 ft apart – from the patio to the bathrooms.  

Download our free physical distancing signage checklist made specifically for restaurants.

Whether you’re searching for physical distancing signage (indoor or outdoor), staff communications (posters or postcards), or customer wayfinding signage (floor signs, welcome posters, A-Frames, window signs) – and your local TPH Manager can equip your space to ensure you have effective signage that people notice, read, and take action on.