Thick Business Cards

Capture attention with luxurious thick business cards, printed on premium triple thick card stock.

With high quality stock available in both double thick and triple thick variations, you're sure to impress with our extra thick business cards! For a super premium look, select from a wide range of finishing options including foiling, edge painting and lamination.

Double thick business cards Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Halifax, Calgary

Double Thick Business Cards

Triple thick business cards Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Halifax, Calgary

Triple Thick Cards

Download a template

It's easy to design your business cards using our free business card layout templates.

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Finishing Options

Sandwich business cards

Sandwich Cards

Add a unique hint of colour to your business cards with a colour seam. This process sandwiches a layer of colour in the centre of your card.

Perforated business cards

Edge Painting

Edge painting adds a pop of colour to your cards for a luxurious feel. Match the colour to your branding or design!

Laminated business cards


Lamination adds an extra layer of protection to your business cards, and can create a unique effect and texture, depending on the finish.

UV coating business card printing

Rounded Corners

Make a sleek update to the shape of your business cards with rounded corners! A simple yet effective way to stand out.

Spot uv business cards

Spot Varnish

Call attention to your logos and images with spot varnish. Spot varnish adds an eye-catching shine to elements of your design.

Gold foil business cards


Add an elegant touch to elements of your design with beautiful foiling! Available in a wide variety of colours and finishes.

Additional Ultra Thick Products

In addition to our ultra thick business cards, we also offer a variety of other products that use our ultra thick stock. Thicker paper can communicate higher quality, helping your business look its best! Try these product ideas to impress your customers. Have an idea for another ultra thick project? Contact your closest TPH® location today.

Coaster printing from TPH


Ultra thick stock provides the perfect sturdy support for your coaster designs. Choose from the same great finishing options available for our ultra thick business cards.

Invitation printing from TPH


Create an invitation that really makes an impression! Print your invitations on ultra thick stock for a piece that is memorable, high quality, and commands attention.