Gold & Silver Printing with Metallic Dry Ink

Add beautiful sparkle and shine to your print projects with gold and silver printing with Metallic Dry Ink!

Gold printing with metallic ink

Gold Printing

Gold metallic ink creates a striking and elegant look when used on text, graphic elements and more, especially when used to contrast against a black background.

Silver printing with metallic ink

Silver Printing

Your wedding invitations, business cards, and other printed pieces will stand out and shine with stunning silver metallic ink. This effect is perfect for achieving a subtle yet luxurious look that captures attention.

Ideas for Metallic Custom Printing

Gold printing labels

Custom Labels

Metallic ink printing stationary


Gold printing business cards

Business Cards


Branded Materials


Use metallic ink printing to bring your projects to life:

  • On logos and key elements, such as names, titles and important headings
  • To add authenticity to seals & insignia on invitations, certificates, and important documents
  • Draw attention to variable data elements on personalized marketing pieces
  • Bring elegance and dimension to wedding and event invitations
  • On graphic elements such as patterns and imagery for a unique effect

Metallic Dry Ink FAQ

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  • It dries instantly, resulting in quicker turnaround times (1-2 days)
  • Adds a special touch to your print product
  • Draws attention to important elements of your design

Metallic Dry Ink is similar to the inks used with offset printing. They have a more subdued shine than traditional foil, which can be extremely reflective.

TPH® currently offers gold and silver Metallic Dry Ink.

Although it’s possible to use Metallic Dry Ink on uncoated paper, we recommend coated papers, as they produce a much more vibrant metallic effect!

Yes, with the heaviest stock being 12 pt.

We can print gold and silver on the same side or opposite sides of your printed project, however we don’t recommend that you overlay them on top of one another (this mutes the metallic effect).

While you can print Clear Ink on the same side or opposite side of the Metallic Dry Ink, we don’t recommend you print clear directly on top of the metallic – this mutes the metallic effect.

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