Clear Ink Printing

Clear ink printing by TPH® in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa & Halifax

Highlight text with clear ink

Highlight text

Using clear ink to call attention to text elements in your design is an elegant way to enhance your print and drive your message home. This effect works best on larger text areas such as headlines, captivating your customers with beautiful contrast!

Get creative with graphics using clear ink

Get creative with graphics

Clear ink looks great when used on graphics such as images and background patterns. For maximum impact, try using clear ink on solids and bold shapes. Printing clear onto matte stock will also increase the effectiveness of the piece.

Clear Ink Advantages

Digital clear ink provides a number of unique advantages that differ from traditional processes such as lamination or UV coating:

Make your print pop! Clear ink helps colours pop, adding a stunning high gloss finish to photos and other elements.
Focus attention Draw attention to key messages by using clear ink to highlight what’s important.
Variable printing Personalize your print! The digital process used to apply clear ink allows you to add variable information and customize content to your customers.
Added protection Flood the entire page with clear ink to achieve a similar effect to lamination, adding protection to products that are prone to wear.
Fast turnarounds Clear ink is applied inline, and requires no additional machine set-up. Enjoy high speed digital printing with quick turnarounds.

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Clear Ink Examples

Clear ink spot details

Spot details

Use clear ink as a spot treatment over images or text to create tactile dimension that catches the eye and captivates!

Clear ink flooding


Add a smooth, professional finish to your printed piece that seals and protects while boosting vibrance and saturation.

Highlight your logo with clear ink printing


Bring attention to your logo, headlines, or variable text such as a customer name! A subtle, yet powerful way to reach your customers.

Clear ink watermarks


With watermark printing, clear ink can be used to maintain the security of printed documents and to prevent duplication.


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