Printing Services for Education

Getting you ready for back-to-school!

From signage to notebooks and apparel, TPH® can help with professional printing services and products for education. In our free checklist, we’ll share product solutions such as, eco-friendly shields, touchless door openers, customizable masks and notebooks. We’ve included signage options to help prepare spaces to manage traffic flow and make instructions more visible. Also listed are a variety of ways to divide spaces in places like lunch rooms where masks don’t make sense.

Make students’ first day back memorable – from personalized apparel to custom puzzles and photo-worthy signs. Our 4 things to add to your back-to-school list blog has lots of ideas to help children stay safe and have fun.

Top Education Printing and Products

Eco-Friendly Shields

Eco-Friendly Shields

Kids will have fun drawing and painting these eco-friendly shields to personalize their space and keep safely distanced from their peers.

Face Masks

Face Masks

We offer a variety of customizable and washable cotton masks. Face coverings are mandatory for grades 4 and above and recommended for those under.

Customizable Notebooks printing by TPH®

Customizable Notebooks

Personalize notebooks so that they’re easily recognizable from their peers’ school supplies. Give your students creative expression with this long-lasting keepsake.

Touchless Door Opener

Touchless Door Opener

Avoid high contact surfaces with the touchless door opener. Available in black, white and clear options. Add it to your keychain!

Physical distancing printing for retail by TPH®

Physical Distancing

Clearly communicate physical distancing instructions with easily understood icons. Our vinyl floor decals are non-slip and easy to apply to all floor surfaces.

Entrance Posters by TPH®

Entrance Posters

Manage traffic flow at school entrances and exits with signage solutions including posters, sandwich boards, banners, and more. Posters are also a perfect way to communicate processes.

One-Way Directional Arrows by TPH®

One-Way Directional Arrows

Use one-way directional arrows and distancing floor tape to manage traffic flow and reduce crowding. Create an easy to navigate environment with sup-porting visual signage such as posters.

Shields & Dividers by TPH®

Shields & Dividers

Keep staff and students safe with physical barriers in spaces where masks don’t make sense. Our options include retractable sneeze shields, hanging dividers and table top shields.

Belts & Tags by TPH®

Belts & Tags

Use belts and tags to communicate the closure of water fountains, filling stations, and other high-contact areas.

Contact your local TPH Manager to get started and download our Education Checklist for more ideas.