Case Study: Sullivan & Bleeker Baking Co.


Food Service

Company Size

20 + employees
located in Toronto, ON

Custom labels vs. custom boxes saves

Down 70%

Dieless cutting reduces costs


Sullivan & Bleeker adds quality print ingredients with TPH

Sullivan & Bleeker Baking Co. needed a print services company with the same high-quality ingredients as its confectionaries. The Printing House (TPH®) mixes up the right combination of responsive customer service, rapid turnaround and high-caliber print products so that the Toronto-area bakery & its candy division, Boom Candy, can deliver customized, nut-free cupcakes, cookies and candies at the peak of freshness.


Sullivan & Bleeker Baking Co. and its sister company Boom Candy are just-in-time businesses that can’t wait for a printer to deliver its custom labels, wraps or hang tags.


TPH turns around custom printing orders quickly, at a higher quality than they could get in house. TPH’s dieless cutting technology lets Sullivan & Bleeker get creative with its wraps and labels.sional brand that didn’t break the bank

Custom Printing
Dedicated Solutions Manager
Dieless Cutting


Sullivan & Bleeker and Boom Candy look to TPH first for every single thing they need to print thanks to fair pricing, phenomenal service and the ability to get creative with their printed products.

Speed is in the Mix

Whether it’s delivering customized hang tags for a cookie mix order or 6,000 advent calendar labels, TPH works with a network of 70+ locations to get printed products delivered seamlessly and on time.

Raising the Bar

With access to TPH’s experience and services including digital printing and dieless cutting technology, Sullivan & Bleeker gets top-quality print products with few limits on creativity.

High Quality Baked In

TPH cooks up high quality labels, hang tags and wraps fast to let Sullivan & Bleeker package up delicious desserts while they’re still fresh.

We can’t print, in house, the kind of quality they are able to … If a customer wants 12 cookies or 12 cupcakes with custom stickers on the boxes, we are able to offer that. The quality and consistency we get from TPH makes us look good.

Elyse Wahle