Case Study: Scrubbity Do-Dahhh


Health & Beauty

Company Size

2 employees
Located in Ottawa, ON

Branded Labels Reduced Costs

Down 2%

Eye catching characters

Increases sales

TPH® helps polish up Scrubbity Do-Dahhh's brand

Using an online printer didn’t give Scrubbity Do-Dahhh the look or quality the all-natural, premium ingredient that her scrubs needed. The Printing House (TPH®) designers helped Scrubbity Do-Dahhh create a new image with sexy, fun characters and custom designed labels to level-up the brand, without compromising the environment.


As a new business, Scrubbity Do-Dahhh turned to an online retailer for the stickers for her jars and business cards to carry her message. Her small sticker looked lost on the large jars, which wasn’t ideal and didn’t reflect the quality of her product.


TPH’s Design Specialist worked with Scrubbity Do-Dahhh to create fun, sexy new characters for her label, which is sized to wrap around each jar, and custom-cut to fi t the jar or packaging perfectly. With eco-friendly inks and papers, Scrubbity DoDahhh freshened up its image with a professional brand that didn’t break the bank

In-House Design Services
Label Solution
Brand Support


Sales from a recent Spring Market are showing the new branding is attracting attention and Scrubbity Do-Dahhh has received very positive feedback from customers.

Designing a Brand

Working with TPH, designers helped to create the colourful, sexy and eye-catching characters and a fun crown at the heart of the Scrubbity DoDahhh brand.

Professional Quality

Digitally printing high-quality label stock that’s custom designed and cut means directions and ingredients can be easily read and look good even in wet conditions.

Sustainable Beauty

Scrubbity Do-Dahhh likes partnering with a sustainable printer and values the eco-friendly inks and paper stocks, which are durable and good for the environment.

We are proud to be affiliated with TPH because they are environmentally conscious. The fact their inks and paper are environmentally friendly is very special to us. We’re proud to tell people about it, and we feel good about the choice we made going to TPH.

Danielle Bellai