Case Study McIntosh Perry



Company Size

500 Employees
12 Locations
across Canada

Dieless cutting saves on costs

Down 10%

Web to print saves staff

Countless hours

TPH® helps McIntosh Perry Deliver Creativity

From branded stationery to the delivery of creative marketing collateral using a dieless cutting system for a unique look, The Printing House (TPH®) has the experience, size and technology that McIntosh Perry needs to stand out. McIntosh Perry also leverages TPH Web to Print and its network of locations to get its printed materials faster, and with consistent branding and colours.


After several offices moves, name changes and office openings before becoming the McIntosh Perry of today, the company needed help to introduce its services, locations and brand in a way that stands out.


The Printing House’s experience and state-of the-art equipment, including dieless cutting system, and Web to Print solutions, help make McIntosh Perry’s marketing material more memorable.

Custom Printing
Dedicated Solutions Manager
Web to Print
Dieless Cutting
Brand Monitoring


McIntosh Perry trusts TPH will get their projects done right, on time and on budget, without compromising creativity.

Network Speeds Delivery

From business cards for staff in Vancouver and an office move in Toronto to Christmas cards in Kingston, TPH’s National Network of locations helps speed delivery of high-quality printed materials, on time and on budget.

Confidence and Trust

Whether it’s end to-end printing and fulfillment of marketing mailers, online ordering or turning a design concept into print, McIntosh Perry trusts The Printing House will get it done right.

Creativity Unleashed

Innovative technology and print solutions let TPH deliver on McIntosh Perry’s creativity without large and costly print runs.

We try to be creative. We are in a pretty competitive market, so we like to stand out. I went to TPH with an idea and a mock up from my creative guy. While our design wasn’t quite possible, TPH had suggestions to make it work, including adding clips so the piece wouldn’t fly apart in the mail. I was really happy with how it turned out.

Greg Devine
Manager of Business Development and Marketing