3D Printing Technology

Here's a look at what technologies and equipment we're working with.

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With Fuse Deposition Modeling, plastic is heated and deposited layer by layer to create your final object, like a computer-controlled hot glue gun. FDM is ideal for making objects for form study or are early in the design process. You will benefit from the cost and time savings for product development.


Polyjet technology works like a 2D inkjet printer. It sprays a layer of polymer that is set with an ultraviolet light. It's capable of a very high resolution and can use multiple materials. Colour options and rubber-like materials are available.


Powder-based printing puts down a layer of powder then sprays a binding agent to build your object. It is capable of full colour printing. This process provides the most realistic prints. It's used to show more details or to show engineering models in full colour.

Our 3D printing equipment

3d printer Projet 660 Toronto Canada

ProJet 660Pro from 3D Systems

For full CMYK colour printing.

The ProJet660 is a powder-based printer that is capable of printing in the full CMYK colour spectrum. These printers are suited for full colour 3D objects, including 3D scans of people. The material is strong and can be sanded, clear coated, or threaded to accept a screw or bolt. This technology is often used by architects, engineers, animators, and product designers. .

Build size: 254 x 381 x 203 mm (10 x 15 x 8 in.)

Build speed: 1.1 inches/hour

Full, four channel CMYK, photo realistic colour

Printing Sample

3D printing powder based material Toronto Canada

This model shows how different components can be printed in a variety of colour all at the same time for better visualization.

3d printer Dimension SST 1200es Toroto Canada

Dimension 1200es SST from Stratasys

When strength is more important than colour.

The Dimension FDM printer runs exclusively on ABS plastic, which is the same material that LEGO is made from. It can print in different colours, but only one at a time. These printers are ideal for strong prints that are reliable and when colour isn’t a priority. This technology is ideal for designers, engineers, and architects that want to explore function, form, and fit. .

Build size: 254 x 254 x 305 mm (10 x 10 x 12 in.)

Layer thickness: 0.33 mm (0.013 in.) or 0.254 mm (0.010 in.)

Printing Sample

3D printing abs plastic example Toronto Canada

This model shows how different components are combined into one print to demonstrate fit and function during the design process.