Sandstone Powder - 3D printing material

Short description Gypsum based powder is combined with binding inks and strengthened with an infiltrant after printing
Typical use Architectural models, figurines, realistic process models
Finishes Full CMYK colour with hardening agent makes for matte finish
Technology Powder bed and ink jet
Maximum size 254 x 381 x 203 mm (10 x 15 x 8 in.)
Minimum wall thickness 2 mm (0.078 in.)
Minimum detail 0.01 mm (0.004 in.)
Clearance 0.25 mm (0.009 in.)
Multiple colour finishes? Yes
Interlocking or enclosed parts? Yes
Heat resistance Low

3D Printing examples

Sandstone 3D printed model

3D printed Lotus temple

Sandstone 3D printing example

3D printed shark

Sandstone 3D printing model

3D printed dog

Additional information/design tips

  • Excellent colour accuracy with true black, the whitest whites, and the best resolution

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