High Temperature Photopolymer - 3D printing material

Short description Used where the print will be exposed to higher than normal temperatures like seen in an injection mold.
Typical use Heat resistant fixtures, taps, pipes, household appliances or other functional parts.
Technology Polyjet photopolymer
Maximum size 490 × 390 × 200 mm (19.3 x 15.4 x 7.9 in.)
Minimum wall thickness 2 mm (0.078 in.)
Minimum detail 0.01 mm (0.004 in.)
Clearance 0.24 mm (0.0094 in.)
Multiple colour finishes? No
Interlocking or enclosed parts? Yes
Heat resistance 80°C (176°F) with thermal treatment, 67°C (153°F) without treatment

3D Printing examples

3D printing high temperature photopolymer material

3D printed water tap

3D printing high temperature plastic model

3D printed automotive part

Additional information/design tips

  • Excellent colour accuracy with true black, the whitest whites, and the best resolution