3D Printing Process

From file preparation to finishing


There are some things that you will want to check before you send your file to print. It is important that your model is watertight, which means that there are no unintentional holes in the surfaces of your object. Programs such as NetFabb can often perform these checks and fix minor issues. And don’t worry, our specialists will also double check your files.

3d printing process description - 3d file check

Upload to TPH®

Send us your file! You can upload your file using TPH Direct to submit your order to 1399 Bathurst or email us a Dropbox link. Accepted file formats include .STL, .WRL or .VRML, and .OBJ.

3d printing process - upload a 3d file


When we receive your file, we’ll do a preflight check to look for any potential issues and to ensure that your model comes out looking its best. Our specialists will remove any support materials from the build and clean it up for you.

3d printing process production


Have your object painted, smooth out any rough edges have your model sanded, or have a multi-piece model assembled for you. If you require any other specific finishing options, just ask! Chances are that we can help.

3d printing process finishing


Your model is just as important to us as it is to you so we take great care in ensuring that your model isn’t damaged during shipping. You can also choose to pick up your model at a TPH® branch instead of having it delivered, whatever is easiest for you!

3D printing process fulfillment