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Legal Printing

Fast and secure Legal Printing Services

Meticulous attention to detail

We can provide you with knowledgeable, quality-conscious legal copying and scanning services. For years TPH® has been providing law firms, regulatory agencies, law enforcement agencies, accounting firms, legal departments of banks and corporate head offices with printing, replication and scanning services solutions that work. We focus on the copying and accurate duplication so you can focus on the legal implications.

Bring us your Bankers Box of documents and binders – we'll take it apart, replicate it, reassemble it and give it back to you accurately and fast. Let us do the work!

Take the burden away from your in-house staff and copiers

TPH® has fast and reliable legal printing services solutions that are right for your business. Our staff and equipment are able to accommodate labour intensive copy work that could monopolize your on-site resources, interrupt or even bump equally important work. We can also help you with rush jobs and after hours work to help you avoid overtime expenses. Make the most out of your time and let us do the work.

Business and financial forms

  • Affidavits
  • Court tabs
  • Court backs
  • Litigation scanning
  • Litigation copying
  • Motion records
  • Medical briefs
  • Factums
  • Transcripts
  • Application records
  • Accident and collision reports
  • Carbonless NCR
  • Multi-part, multi-colour
  • Annual and quarterly reports
  • Shareholder documents
  • Proxies
  • Prospectuses
  • Statements of claim
  • Statements of defense
  • Oversized exhibits and mounting
  • Bates and electronic numbering
  • Blueprints
  • Architectural drawings, surveys and plans
  • Message and scratch pads

Printing, copying and scanning


  • Binding (Powis Fastback, Cerlox, coil, tape etc.)
  • Binder duplication

Secure legal printing that's perfect for your business

Business printing, The Printing House, TPH

Business prints

Business forms, invoice forms and receipt printing, The Printing House, TPH

Financial forms

Business copy centre, The Printing House, TPH


Print finishing techniques, The Printing House, TPH



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