Fabric Banner Display Stands

A light weight, durable way to stand out from the crowd!

TPH® offers a variety of fabric banner printing options, including deluxe and premium fabric stands. Fabric provides a number of unique advantages – it stays flat, won’t curl, and doesn’t scratch or kink. The light weight fabric is easy to transport, making it convenient to travel with. Whether you require fabric banners for trade shows, or fabric banners for outdoor use, we can recommended the best solution for your business.

Deluxe Fabric Banner Stands, printed size 31.5in x 78.5in

Deluxe Fabric Banner Stands

Premium Fabric Banner Stands, printed size 31.5in x 78.5in

Premium Fabric Banner Stands

Get ready for your close up! Fabric banner stands have a matte finish, perfect for flash photography. The sheen typical to a traditional banner stand can create glare when photographed or viewed from certain angles. Matte fabric ensures you’ll be seen in the best light at all times by your customers.