Video Brochure Cards

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Video Brochures

What is a video brochure?


Introducing TPH® video brochures, an innovative marketing tool that combines the power of high resolution video with the precision of direct mail and tangibility of printed video cards.


How does a video brochure work?

Video brochures use an ultra thin 4.3” LCD screen and speaker inserted into a sleek book. The videos can be uploaded and the device battery recharged via USB, with up to 5 hours playback time. Each card is set-up to auto start on opening.

Types of Video Brochure Cards

Video brochure 3 buttons printing at TPH print shops

3 Button Video Brochure

Impress potential clients with a three button video brochure, which allows you to showcase multiple videos. Users have control over buttons including play, volume up, and volume down.

Video brochure 6 buttons printing at TPH print shops

6 Button Video Brochure

With the ability to upload up to three different videos, this model is great for presentations, client meetings, and more.

Video Business Cards

Video Business Cards

Make a lasting impression with a 3.5” x 2” video business card! The sleek fold out design of this unique marketing tool opens to reveal a small LCD screen, perfect for showcasing your business with a promotional video.

Video business cards allow you to upload one video and are designed to auto play on open.