CD/DVD Printing

Share photos, music, videos and more with custom CD and DVD printing.

CD duplication Toronto Canada

CD/DVD Digital Media Solutions

Whether your CDs/DVDs are used in conjunction with printed materials or as a stand-alone application, they can be a unique and compelling way to get your message across. Make the right choice for your business and work with TPH® to get the highest quality and fastest service for your CD and DVD duplication and printing needs.

CD/DVD Packaging Options

CD package print and design 2-panel Toronto Canada

CD 2-Panel, 4/4 Insert

Get your message across effectively and succinctly with this CD packaging option. From cover to cover, your brand and messaging will be clearly communicated and well represented.

  • Full colour CD duplication
  • Regular jewel case
  • CD tray liner
  • 2-panel, 4/4 insert
  • Fulfillment
CD package print and design 4-panel Toronto Canada

CD 4-Panel, 4/4 Insert

When you need a little bit more real estate to communicate your messaging, take advantage of the extra panels to make an even bigger impact with your CD package.

  • Full colour CD duplication
  • Regular jewel case
  • CD tray liner
  • 4-panel, 4/4 insert
  • Fulfillment
DVD package print and design Toronto, Canada

DVD 4/0 Trapsheet

Looking for an eye-catching DVD packaging solution that will help you stand out? This convenient format is perfect for showcasing a cover graphic and communicating important information.

  • Full colour DVD duplication
  • 4/0 DVD trapsheet
  • DVD case
  • Fulfillment

CD/DVD Custom Design

Looking to create a custom design for your CD or DVD, or require duplicating services? Contact your local TPH® Manager today to find out how we can help your business put its best foot forward.