TPH is registered Canadian charity

TPH® Charitable Office

We provide aid in health care and education, especially for women and children, across Canada.

TPH® Charitable Office only supports registered Canadian charities that spend their funds in Canada. Emphasis is placed on providing support to those communities in which we conduct business.

Supporting our Communities

15% discount

All registered Canadian charities are entitled to a 15% discount on in-house services. Ask us if you qualify.

Print donations

The TPH® Charitable Office supports numerous registered Canadian charities through in-kind print donations.

TPH® charitable dollars

In addition to the 15% discount, TPH® charitable dollars are used to offset the costs of our in-house services.

Stock & envelope donations

Each month, off-cuts of stock are sent to local schools, summer camps, and community and daycare centres.

How to make a request

Throughout the year we receive more requests than we can support. Therefore, it is necessary for us to apply some guidelines to help us in determining which charities we will assist.


1. Read these guidelines:

  • The request is being made by a registered Canadian Charity.
  • The request is not coming from a professional fund-raiser or a third party.
  • The request is for an in-kind donation. (TPH® does not provide monetary donations.)
  • The funds being raised by the charity are to be used solely within Canada.
  • The request is not being made by a religious or politically affiliated organization.
  • The request is not from a gambling organization or for a gambling-related event.

2. Prepare the following:

  1. Brief information about the charity and its goals.
  2. Specific details of what is being requested (format, quantity, size, etc.). Include an example if possible.
  3. Contact information, including complete mailing address.

3. Send your request to:

The Printing House Charitable Office
15 Stanley Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M6J 1A4

If your request is accepted, the printed material must display the TPH® corporate logo in colour.

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The Printing House
Charitable Office

15 Stanley Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M6J 1A4